Difference Between Migration And Urban Migration

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It is now an established fact that there is an intense linkage between migration and informal sector, specially that in the urban sector. Number of literature suggests that there exist a two-way causation between these two factors. While migration helps in booming of urban informal sector, similarly this development of informal sector attracts further migration. Number of studies has been made in this regard. There are various issues through which one can interlink rural to urban migration and informal sector. Regarding the interlinkage between rural to urban migration and urban informal sector Banerjee (1983) came up with some interesting findings. The starting point of the study was the applicability of the probabilistic model of Harris-Todaro. In the Harris-Todaro model it was assumed that employment in the urban informal sector is a temporary resting point of the migrated labour force. Harris-Todaro model assumed that the migrating people actually target the formal job prevailing in the urban labour market. This point has been criticized by the author. Providing evidences the author has claimed that the migrating people of Delhi actually target the informal job markets. In support of his view he has shown that almost 59 % of the people who have entered into the urban informal sector didn’t even search for any other formal job. One of the major reasons of this immobility from the formal sector to the informal sector, as the author has argued, is that the wage differential in the two sectors is not so very high enough. So, the labourers of the informal sector didn’t bother to look for any other formal job. The study also suggested that the movement from informal to formal job market is too low. Once an individual enter into the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ability in the rural India has resulted in influx of the rural people in the nearby urban cities. But it has repeatedly been seen that the absorbing capacity of the urban formal sector is less than the inflow. As a result of that the migrated people are compelled to join into the labour force of urban informal sector. From Shafi (1998) we came to know that the employment opportunities in the urban formal and informal sector attract many migrants. Especially the urban informal sector attracts those rural people who are either unemployed or disguisedly unemployed. These special classes of rural people neither have technical skill nor have the proper education so that they can manage a job in the urban formal sector. As a result of that they ultimately join in the urban informal labour market. This again in turn reduces the labour absorbing capacity of that sector too.

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