Difference Between Marriage And Adultery

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Marriage and Adultery: In what is perceived as traditional marriage two individuals decide to spend the rest of their natural lives “until death do them part” certified with a marriage license issued by the state they reside. Adultery is considered a voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse; this can be also be counted as a romantically emotional extramarital connection. Is adultery ever justified? Marriage vows does not state specifically that sex is autonomous to the marriage, however, it is perceived by society. According to Richard Wasserstrom, Adultery is a break of a promise and deception. In terms of the marriage breaking a promise and is serious because of the importance of the…show more content…
Bertocci, had similar view to Eric Fromm. These philosophers believe there was no greater value than sex with love and it is a critical part of the meaning of human life. Sex without love was not gratifying. Love, marriage and the home are among the highest values of human existence. Sex can add or subtract from all these values. For example when adultery is committed a person can lose their family, job, respect of children and the marriage. Erich Fromm believed that “one cannot fall in love one has to be in love, the ability to love becomes the most important things in life.” ( VoxPandemonium, 2011)
Russel Vannoy argues that sex without love is better than with love. There is a case for sexual liberation for one’s self. Vannoy brings several arguments to light that can affect adultery and marriage. According to Peter Koestenbaum, authentic Decision is the minimum external influences, deliberate not unconscious, made with true knowledge of kind of person one uniquely is. (Koestenbaum, 1974) Vannoy believes in certain circumstances sex without love can be enjoyable. The committed marriage in his opinion lacks spontaneity and excitement. The societal gates of marriage forces us as humans to be truly
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