Difference Between Love And Friendship Essay

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Love and friendship are related terms, there is almost no difference between the two, however these two words actually have different definitions and different meanings to other people. Experiencing love and having friendships can bring out the brightest moments in one 's life. They become the source of positive energy and joy in our lives. However, love and friendships end up causing problems in our lives, and bring about frustration and confusion. Love is an affection we feel for another person, friendship is the most important thing in the world to me. Anyone is able to find another person to love, but being able to find a true friend can be truly difficult. Knowing the difference between love and friendship can help people avoid potential…show more content…
A relationship requires time, effort and many other characteristics which sometimes people do not have. I would chose a friendship over a relationship because I feel more open to someone who already knows me well, and it is been there for me always no matter what. In the other hand in a relationship we never know how long that person is going to be there by our side. Relationships come and go but instead most of the time friends stay by our side and they stick with us on everything. In a friendship we can always talk about serious problems without feeling judged. Even if they follow separate paths, the memories and the times we shared together will remain in our hearts. Our friends will be there to support us until the end and the part I like the most is that if there is heartbreak in a friendship is less painful. A friendship can me us happier than a relationship because there is not pressure or anything going on. Being in a relationship can make us feel pressured and sometimes sad about live. Friends make us feel free and alive; they show us how to live life in a different
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