Difference Between Listening And Listening

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Whenever someone hears the word “listening”, they likely think of hearing what other people are saying. However; listening is far more than just hearing what someone is saying. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is the physiological occurrence when soundwaves hit a human’s eardrum. On the other hand, listening is more complex because the process contains being mindful, receiving the message, selecting and organizing the message, interpreting the message, responding and remembering the message. Mindfulness is giving someone your undivided attention when they are speaking. This is definitely something that I need to improve on, especially when I am talking on the phone. My dad is a truck driver so we mainly communicate through the phone and sometimes…show more content…
Some teachers are the worse at this, they think that we pick up on things fast when we do not. Background noise is another obstacle. For instance, my friends and I went to a concert and they would try to say things which I could not hear over the concert so I just smiled and nodded hoping it was the right response. Some internal obstacles to overcome are preoccupation and prejudgment. Preoccupation is where you are not fully listening because you have other things on your mind while someone is speaking to you. For my nursing career it is important that I keep this in mind. When I walk into a patient’s room or to evaluate a patient my mind should be no other place but on that patient. The main way for patients to communicate their symptoms, comments, and questions is through them speaking to me and me actively listening. Prejudgment is where you think you know what someone is going to say so you do not listen carefully or closely to what they are actually saying, even if it is not what you thought it would be. This is also important to remember within my career due to the fact that everyone is different and everyone’s diagnosis will not be the
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