Difference Between Knowledge And Descarty

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There is a significant difference between knowledge and certainty. If a person is certain that a belief is true, he is fully convinced that it is true; yet it does not mean that he has knowledge. If he is correct about the truth of his belief, then his certainty is simply luck. If he is false, then he made a mistake believing that the believe is true and his certainty is a mistake. In both cases, his certainty does not give rise to knowledge in this paper, I will counter argue why Descartes claim about certainty is necessary for knowledge is wrong because knowledge needs justification, not certainty. To start off, Descartes aims to show that certain knowledge is possible with intent to overcome weak skepticism and establish a firm foundation…show more content…
Nonetheless, Descartes thinks beliefs that he is certain of which is not the same thing as a belief that is true. After all, human can make mistakes, and think something is certain even if is clear and distinct, it is not the truth. Descartes believes that certainty will establish truth, which leads to knowledge. Nonetheless, Even if we can be certain with our beliefs, it does not mean it is true and it is knowledge, considering that we can be certainly false. For example, if you claim that the sun is black, and you are certain about it, then you do not have knowledge about the color of the sun, what you have is a certain belief that is a mistake. Therefore, certainty is not a reuiment for…show more content…
That is when having high degree of justification; you will also have high degrees of certainty. Which is true in some Scenario, but I defend my position by saying that we can be certain of beliefs that are not justified and uncertain of beliefs that are justified. For example, I have high degrees of justification that the aliens build the pyramids because there is no way the ancient Egyptians would have such technology to construct it. However, I will not have the same amount of degree for certainty because other hypothesis are also highly probable and could be true, it’s just that the alien hypothesis is the most probable. Justification is the degree of measurement on why you believe in the belief while certainty is the degree of measurement on believing the
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