Difference Between Job Design And Job Planning

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Work Design and Workforce Planning Work Design and Workforce Planning are two critically important components to manage the employees of any organization. The manager should have to allocate the jobs which will ensures that employees perform tasks with responsibilities that have the most potential to add a special value to the company. Managers must also engage in workforce planning to make sure that the right people are with right job and in the right place in the company. This factor will help to achieve the goal of any organization. a) Manage Job Design Job design involves deciding what employees will do on a day-to-day basis also as how jobs are interconnected. Job design is a function of the tasks that employees are expected to perform. There are many different ways to design jobs in an organization. However, job design also represents the choices managers make…show more content…
• How many tasks can be performed by the employees? • What tasks should you emphasize when designing a job? From an employee perspective, job design influences employee satisfaction, as well as intentions to remain with the company. If managers do not consider company objectives in job design, employees may unknowingly focus on task and the activities that are not necessarily most important. b) Workforce Planning The number of employees of any department of any organization is always changing. Factors such as company growth and employee turnover challenge managers to make workforce planning decisions to maintain the necessary number of employees of the company. Companies must also decide how to allocate the employees. This process can be done through promotions, demotions and transfers to areas where they can contribute most significantly. At any point in time, some parts of an organization may be facing a shortage of employee talent, while others may have a surplus. Some companies hire full time employees to address a growing demand for products of
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