Difference Between Human Sex Trafficking And Prostitution

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Human sex trafficking and prostitution overall both have the same concept but have two different realities. Though both have negative impacts on the millions of individuals involved. Human trafficking in general has became a larger globalized problem and in response many actions from all over have been presented. Several of which putting an end to what is known as modern day slavery. Many victims of this modern day slavery have been forced against their will, physically intimidated and sexually violated. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century slavery was very common. At the time many african americans were slaves and had little to no rights. The equivalence between then and now is that they aren't entitled to their…show more content…
Yet people don't realize degradation that the put upon the persons they are using. “Men need sex therefor prostitution must exist.Prostitution is a natural form of sexuality”. Prostitution is a performing sexual activities for money. If they didn't need money then they wouldn't be Selling sex. It's clear that men have sexual urges that must be tended to. They will be desperate enough to spend money on what they want. In a sexual trade of equivalent accomplices there is dependably the danger of refusal, difference and the requirement for trade off. Purchasing ladies and youngsters in prostitution is less about sexual delight than control satisfaction, 85% of US johns have normal female sexual accomplices. 60% are hitched. Prostitution is sexual exploitation.prostitution includes acting and more often than not likewise separating the brain from the body. One of the long haul impacts of prostitution is the demolition of ladies' sexuality. On the off chance that prostitution were truly a decision it would not be those individuals with the least decisions accessible to them who are lopsidedly in prostitution. decisions are better named survival…show more content…
More than Half are homeless , either runaways or children being thrown out their house by their guardians“ Molly Jackson reports. This basically sums up that young people involved in sex trafficking stem Off of issues occurring at home. People especially young females find it harder to understand Why. Understand why things happen the way they do. They are vulnerable and lost trying to find Themselves. Often times if the victims involved in sex trafficking had known what Life was really going to be about they wouldn't be where they are today. Human trafficking in general can involve men, women and children and can all be useful in their eyes. Men can be more so be used for labor purposes. Women Can be used for sexual activities or just working in factories and children can be used for be used For both. Consequence for the victims of Human trafficking can be very devastating, Which can even lead to
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