Difference Between Generation X And Millennials

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There are many different types of students who each learn best in their own way. Throughout the decades of each generation, however, there have been certain preferences for how and what is taught. Looking back on certain generations, these preferences have uncovered core values of the members of each group. These values often differ from generation to generation, but sometimes they coincide and simply differ in the application. One example of two groups that have divergent values is Generation X, people in their late thirties to early fifties, and Millennials, people in their early twenties or thirties. While Generation X values independence in education and Millennials value collaboration and individuality in education, both value work…show more content…
Both generations have a strong belief in the idea of working smarter, not harder, with the end product in mind. The difference comes in the way each generation implements this value in the classroom. Generation Xers prefer to individually work to learn new skills and tactics to complete their work. They are productive and determined workers who are keen on time management when accomplishing goals. Generation X is good at being flexible when solving problems; they are not scared to try something new. On the other hand, Millennials work together to get the job done with all the latest technology available. They are tenacious students who do well when multitasking technology-based work in the classroom. With technology and a fast-paced society being apart of their learning experience their entire life, multitasking is a necessity that Millennials developed early on. This skill gives Millennials the ability to demonstrate their hardworking and goal-oriented values in a different way than Generation X shows these values. This educational value of Generation X and Millennials has impacted our society today. many people in society and the workforce develop new skills and rely heavily on technology to get their work done. People constantly receiving instant results and answers through technology is how society functions

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