Difference Between Ethical Hacking And Ethical Hacking

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Hacking is the process of introducing vulnerabilities, weaknesses, flaws or risks in the computer network or software or computer system. Not always hacking is used to attack a computer system. There is a term called Ethical hacking which means hacking with permission. There is a difference between hacking and ethical hacking.
Hacking might be for the thrill or to steal information or take control of an application or portal by an intelligent programmers or network admins. The people or individual doing this criminal act are called “hackers”.
Ethical hacking is to locate flaws and ensure security. It is done with permission to protect the security for future purpose. It is beyond hacking the system.
Hacking is a broad term which includes all
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Black hats – These are unethical hackers who will destroy and damage the security environment with their criminal acts and make the environment unreliable
2. White hats – They are not destructive. These are good guys who will hack but will not destroy anything. These are also known as Ethical hackers who hacks a software or application with permission and use their hacking skills for defensive purposes.
3. Grey hats – They are between white hats and black hats, where hacking is done for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The purpose of a hacker and ethical hacker is exactly the opposite and their intentions are quite different. Though both uses same steps and similar tools.

Penetration testing is the process which aims at finding flaws, risks, vulnerabilities, weaknesses in unreliable security environment. It is also called as pen testing
Penetration testing is the procedure of testing computer network, software or system to discover an unreliable environment and determine weaknesses that an attacker could strike.
Pen tests can be performed manually or can be automated using applications. The main objective of pen testing is to test and identify security breaches and
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The sole purpose of pen testing is to secure and take control of the system to protect it from computer attack.
Nowadays, a single pen test is not sufficient to protect the security of the system. Since a lot of technologies getting invented in today’s world, an attackers discovers new weaknesses in the system due to which a single pen test does not suffice to remove the security threats and breaches.
Penetration testing will quite often start with vulnerability scan because it will point the tester into right direction. A pen tester will always have a motive of auditing systems (that help identify any gaps in compliance), listing and prioritizing vulnerabilities and mapping out attack points or weaker points a hacker might attack.
There are different types of penetration testing such as black, grey and white-box testing which includes locating security vulnerabilities like checking from the outside in and looking inside the organization.
So all in all, the penetration testing includes the following:
• A view of the network from hacker’s perspective
• Checks all attack vectors for ways to get in the
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