Difference Between Ell Students And Effective And Good Tutoring

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Different ELL students have different needs, therefore you have to adjust yourself depending on the student. The key to effective and good tutoring is firstly identifying your ELL students’ goal. One has to take into consideration why the student is learning, what level they are at, and what they want to achieve? Although there are some general rules that you can apply to all your students, what you teach and how you teach will differ.
Some general rules are be honest, flexible, a good listener, patient, resourceful, confident, and keep your students’ goals in mind. Honestly will built trust between you and your student. It also brings you together at a more personal level, hence student-teacher relationship will be better. You need to be flexible because if one approach or technique does not work for your student, you have to adjust and change your way of teaching. Being resourceful will also help because it gives you a lot more options like using videos, songs, scripts, stimulations, etc. Also, it is important that you can be flexible with time because some students need more attention than others. It is helpful to keep in mind that progress happens over time which is why having patients is so important.
It is not easy to learn English, there are a lot of difficulties that the teacher and student will face together. I notice that breaking a goal down into more achievable ones helped my students and motivated them. They have an overall main goal (like learning to speak English more fluently), and than I would give them short-term goals (like pronouncing certain sounds or words correctly). Over time, they will achieve their main goal, but they will also achieve their short term ones faster.
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...ent activities and approaches. I found that the refugee with low English proficiency had a more concrete goal and structured lesson plan. They had to start from the basic where the girls had more options of what they wanted to learn because they already knew the basics.
Overall, being a good tutor depends mostly on the students. It depends on what they need because you might be a good tutor to one student but to another, you might be useless. During my tutoring experience I took a lot into consideration since I tutored more than one person, I think this will help me in the future as a teacher. I know now that students are the same, and they all will need me to adjust to their learning methods. Being a good tutor incorporates a lot of different principles, but to truly master it, one must learn to adjust those principles accordingly to the students and their goals.
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