Difference Between Electronic Medical Records And EHR

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Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) are interchangeable, but, do have a distinct difference. An electronic medical record is an electronic document displaying a record of information regarding a patients’ current medical care and may include some medical history. An electronic health record is all of those things and more. In totality, and EHR is compromised of all medical information regarding a patients medical care. The information provided in an EHR is designed to be shared among medical providers for the care of a patient. Therefore, and EMR starts with the organization a patient has visited and collects/records health information over time and are designed to go beyond the original organization to be shared among laboratories, specialists, etc., and…show more content…
It is hoped that meaningful use will also bring an acceleration in medical data research. EHR’s are now being used to measure Physician’s quality of service in the workforce through the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). This program rewards by reimbursement to individuals who, through the EHR tracking, can prove they meet “care-quality measures.” The goal is to force the act of certifying EHR’s. Eventually, programs like PQRS will require certification, therefore anyone using these services must comply in order to maintain costumers/patients. In order to maintain efficiency and variety in the healthcare system, EHR systems need to be diverse. The full potential is reached when information can be shared through integration. This is known as Interoperability within the healthcare IT system. Because records and patient information can be so easily lost in transit or translation through either fax, mail, etc., Interoperability is one of the primary motivations for healthcare information technology or EHR
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