Difference Between Dogs and Cats

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Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the whole world. Even though they’re both very popular, they are different in many ways. Some people gravitate towards the calmness of a cat, while others seek the companionship of a dog. Cats are a lot more independent and less expensive. Cats don’t require nor do they want to be trained to be a house pet. Dogs on the other hand are very loyal and will act as your best friend. Dogs require more attention and training to be a well behaved family member. The main differences between dogs and cats are their personalities, habits, and training, which all determine what pet to choose. When you’re choosing which pet to get, think about your situation at home and how much free time you have during the day. In today’s household, 36% of them have dogs and 30% of them have cats (U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics). This statistic shows that cats and dogs are the most popular pets and it can be tough to decide which one to get. People that aren’t home a lot shouldn’t get a dog because a dog needs to be played with everyday to keep it health and happy. A cat would be the better choice for someone that is busy a lot because cats wonder and do their own thing, but they will always come back to their home. If you have small kids at home, four or younger, consider getting a cat. Cats are a lot calmer and would be safer around young kids. A dog has a lot of energy and even though they are just trying to play, they could hurt a young kid many different ways. Another thing you need to think about is the size of the animal that you want. All cats are about the same size and there all lap animals. Dogs come in all different sizes; some are small like cats but others are very big. Even though there are small do... ... middle of paper ... ...t difference between a dog and a cat is the training involved. If you want to get a dog you better be prepared to train the dog a lot and you need to have patience with the dog. Dogs learn things slower than cats but dogs also go through more training then cats do. After doing research on both of these animals, I believe that a dog is a better pet because it becomes a part of the family a lot of then a cat does. Works cited . Bourgoing, Pascale De and Henri Galeron. Cats. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1992. Print. Dennis-Bryan, Kim. The complete cat breed book. New York: DK Publishing, 2013. Print. Fogle, Bruce and Patricia Holden White. New dog. Buffalo, N.Y.: Firefly Books, 2008. Print. Parker, Bertha M. "Bo-Ce." The Golden Book Encyclopedia. Ed. James Ertel. 3rd ed. 1959. 274-75. Print. "U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics." Avma.org, 2014. Web. 2 Mar 2014

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