Difference Between Credibility And Persuasion

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After reading the two articles about credibility and persuasion, it is very interesting to see how the two concepts work together. Although the Munter article is about effective communication and the Cialdini article is about persuasion, we can conclude that persuasion and effective communication go hand in hand. To effectively persuade someone, you will need aspects of effective communication, and this is why the two articles are similar. In the Munter article, we are introduced to the concept of establishing credibility for effective communication. There are two different types, initial and acquired. Initial credibility is before the communication and acquired is after the communication has occurred. There are several different aspects of how to persuade by using credibility. Included in the list given by Munter is establishing a common ground, applying goodwill credibility through “liking” and “reciprocity”, creating an image or emotional connection, rank and expertise, and threats and punishment. In the Cialdini article, we find five principles…show more content…
Both authors seem to agree on the following points. People like to be approached by people that they like so that makes persuading them much easier. Especially in other select countries, there is a business tradition of taking out your potential client or business partner for dinner where a relationship can be formed. This way you get to know the other person which will make it easier for you to relate to them and offer praise. By showing these similarities or by giving a genuine compliment, the other person will be swayed to agree to your offers. Reciprocity is a concept that mixes very well with liking. This is the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. It is much easier to persuade those that don’t want to return a “no” to your likeable behavior they have receive earlier. These two are a powerful combination of tools that may be used in
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