Difference Between Computer Testing And Manual Testing

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Chapter 1 Introduction Software Testing Software testing plays a very significant role in the process of software development. Over time, the software testing has become a very challenging issue for enterprises. Because of technological complexities and software sourcing challenges are rapidly increasing. Generally, software testing is performed in the organization, or is outsourced to software services providers. Definitions A definition of software testing has been narrated in different perspectives by many authors. Pressman defines “Testing is a set of activities that can be decided in advance which are further conducted systematically” [54]. “Training a program with the specific intent of finding errors before delivering it to the end…show more content…
It compares actual output values and predicted output values for given application software. It also set up test control, test requirements and test reporting functions. [34] Performance testing , load, stress testing on implemented application are also performed. It has reduced time and cost, improved test coverage and improves accuracy in contrast to manual testing. [35] Comparison between Manual Testing and Automated Testing Sr. No Manual Testing Automated Testing 1 For executing test it involves human interference. Several tools are used to process testing. 2 It becomes cost effective because, It executes test cases manually thus it requires more testers for testing. By using automation tools the test cases are executed. Because of this limited tester are required in automation testing. (Less Investment) 3 Every time same effort is required. And It cannot be used again. Once applied efforts for testing can be reused for the lifelong. 4 It is less reliable .Because of human errors it tests may not be performed with accuracy each time. It is more reliable because each time it performs exactly same action. 5 Limited visibility is provided by manual testing Global visibility provided by automated…show more content…
By evaluating code it builds a system model and identifying test requirements from those models and to accomplish those test requirements wide human interaction is required. The approaches have shown promise in primary empirical studies in terms of support for building test suites. These approaches also have some limitations, in part due to differences between web applications and systems developed and operated under more traditional paradigms. Among these differences, we consider three in particular. First, web applications usage is changing rapidly. Any popular website gets thousands of hits per day [52]. If we consider the particular user profile for generation of test case then it will be inappropriate. Second, generally maintenance of web applications is at higher rate than other software systems. This also has the small changes in it [32]. To make those changes the testing should be automated and
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