Difference Between Computer Programming And Object Oriented Programming

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Computer programming is the process of creating a set of instructions for the computer to follow in order to output the desired results (“What is programming”, n.d.). It is typically used to solve a problem of some type, such as how to allow customers to make purchases online. Two different methods of programming are structured and object-oriented programming. Each method has unique characteristics that make them more useful in solving certain types of problems. Structured programming, for instance, allows programmers to solve a smaller problem more quickly than object-oriented programming might allow, while object-oriented programming allows programmers to reuse their code for multiple programs. There are many differences between these methods…show more content…
Object-oriented programing uses a bottom up program design. While top down design started from the top of the problem and broke it into smaller, more manageable pieces, bottom up design starts at the bottom, utilizing components from other programs that might be reusable. Additionally, object-oriented programming focuses on data, rather than procedure. Classes are used to represent data objects within the program. Procedures manipulate data objects (Obbayi, 2010). The advantage to object-oriented programming is that the code is easy to reuse in future programs. A disadvantage to this method of programming is that it is time consuming and takes a lot of planning in order to…show more content…
Due to this, structured programming is much more difficult to reuse than object-oriented programming. Code is easily reused in object-oriented programming because new data and functions can be easily added to the program without affecting other parts of the program. Lastly, structured programming emphasizes procedure, while object-oriented programming focuses on data. This means that structured programming consists of a set of procedure, which includes separate code for each procedure. This represents a small part of the large, overall problem. Each procedure is called separately by the main procedure. Object-oriented programming, on the other hand, is focused on the data objects and the attributes and operations of those

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