Difference Between Computer Game And Computer Games

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In this century, video games and computer games had become one of the important entertainments in children’s life. But, is computer games come first? Or video games come first? According to Mary (2010), in 1952, the first graphical computer game, “Tic-Tac-Toe” which created by A.S. Douglas had first starting to programmed on a EDSAC vacuum- tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube display. In 1958, the world first video game, ”Tennis for Two”, which created by William Higinbotham was first play on a Brookhaven National Laboratory. (Mary, 2010) Hence, based on the statement stated by Mary, it shows that computer games were created earlier than video games to this world. The difference between video game and computer game is, for the first basic instrument, users need to play video games by using joystick. While for computer games, users can play it by using joystick or the keyboard and the mouse as it is much easier for user to control the game because the users can change the control structure based on their own liking. Besides, it was also very easy to upgrade a computer games compare to the video games as the players just need to update the latest version of computer games by just have a click on the internet. While for video games, players need to go out and buy a new cassette or DVD if they wanted to play new video games. Do both video games and computer games affected society? From the article entitled Impact of computer games and video games on society, which did by Howey in 2007, he said that there are both positive and negative effects for the gaming revolution. (Howey, 2007) In fact, there is no any statement stated that both video games and computer games do affected the society as this is based on a person own p... ... middle of paper ... ...ill.” (Contented Writer, 2007) Moreover, playing video and computer games are also very costly as gamers need to purchase the latest gaming platforms such as new computer, consoles, and also online games that can keeping them with the latest gaming technologies. On the other hand, although many video or computer games can provide plenty of experiences and learning opportunities to the gamers, but some of the games did caused violence. For example, Gear of War 3, God of War: Ascension, Hitman: Absolution, and many more. Those are the games that will cause violence to the gamers. A theory model, The General Aggression Model: Theoretical Extension to Violence, which proposed by Craig Anderson, William Deuser, and Kristina DeNeve in 1995, is a general model of aggression that can explain many faces of aggressive behavior. (Anderson, Deuser, Denver, 1995) According to
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