Difference Between Computer Forensics And Forensic Science Vs. Biometrics

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Both computer forensic or forensic science and Biometrics sometimes may apply same identification methods; however, they do so for different purposes. Computer forensics or forensics science is based on history and a forensic investigator does not just pick a method in advance. In other words, forensics investigators are unaware of what they will find as evidence. In addition, the manner in which forensics tools and evidence are handled may have critical implications, which can make or break a case. While Biometrics have to do with before event scenarios, Forensics have to do with or applies to post-event scenarios. The objective of computer forensics or forensics science is to reconstruct past criminal dealings to assist in a court of law.…show more content…
Because of its fluidity, law enforcement agencies are among the first and heaviest users of computer forensics and as a result have frequently been at the front of developments in the field. Computers can reveal crime scenes such as hacking or denial of service (DOs); they may also reveal internet history, evidence from emails, and or documents or other files related to crimes like kidnapping, drug trafficking, fraud, and murder. Moreover, investigators have great interest in information gathered from documents and files, and emails; however, what maybe the most essential to them is the ‘metadata’ associated with the said files. Another use of computer forensics is the ability to track foot prints or trails in computers. For instance, a computer forensic investigation may disclose when a document first stored on a computer, when it was last modified, the last time it was saved or printed and witch user performed the…show more content…
Computers contain a wide range of digital electronic evidence that can help forensics investigators and law enforcement bring those who committed computer crimes to court. As stated above, computer forensics basically has no limit when it comes to any types of cases. For instance, and along with the before benefits mentioned, computer forensic can too be used in places like phishing, corporate fraud, breach of contract, and assets recovery. Moreover, computer forensics key benefit is the ability to explore and examine a mountain of data rapidly and proficiently. According to, “They can search keywords in a hard drive in different languages which is beneficial since cybercrimes can easily cross borders through the internet.” Offenders can no longer hide or delete data forever, computer forensics is capable to retrieve deleted data even after a hard drive is formatted, which helps legal professionals in court
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