Difference Between Colonialism And Apartheid

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Colonialism and Apartheid – The Israeli Norm Both Apartheid and Colonialism represent egregious violations of basic human rights according to the United Nations. The international community condemns colonialism because it prevents a people from freely exercising its right to control through political and economic policies its own future. Apartheid is a state-sanctioned collection of institutions and laws that position one group of individuals over another group of individuals and methodically oppresses them. Israel is now sitting on a powder keg, that once lit cannot help but end in disaster. Over the course of the last seven decades, Israel has been engaging in nothing less than Colonialism and Apartheid as defined by International law and the United Nations. Israel must stop perpetrating these injustices and restore civil rights to all peoples. International law does not provide a single definition of colonialism, however, the terms used in the Declaration on Colonialism provide that a set of circumstances may be categorized as colonial if the cumulative acts effectively annex or otherwise illegally maintain authority over territory and thus denies its population the right to exercise self-determination. Colonialism is an activity the United Nations has been attempting to…show more content…
Israel has violated this aspect by implementing a system of water allocation and management that provides preferential treatment to Israel and Jewish settlers. This practice violates law by unfairly using the natural resources of an occupied nation, which is restricted to the basic requirements of the occupying force, and is opposed to international law because the allocation favors the occupier. By its handling of the natural resources of the occupied territory, Israel has further violated the economic aspect of self-determination as articulated in the privilege of permanent control over natural

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