Difference Between Coffee And Coffee

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As people kick their tired feet up, comfortably nestle their aching bodies into a cozy position, what do they do next? Do they chug a mug of energy or sip a cup of relaxation? In today’s society, there has been a distinguishing difference between people who choose between the beverages of coffee and tea. Further, our drink preferences let on more than we think at first sip. There are a variety of specialty stores and aisles in the supermarket because, believe it or not, we have an indescribable desire for the “perfect fix.”
A coffee enthusiast is heavily dependent on coffee and from there, it 's only a matter of time till they experience the most intense skull-splitting headache of their life if they should suddenly decide to forego their morning coffee. Coffee is like that. Once it gets into a person’s life, it completely takes over. For true coffee fiends, their relationship with coffee runs deep. To contrast, tea admirers are people whose lives revolve around tea due to its classiness, healing properties, and variety of flavors. Further, tea drinkers meditate; coffee drinkers medicate. Tea drinkers are as loose as their leaves;
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Perhaps it is the sweet aroma, the feel of the coffee beans, or even just the sheer joy of the dark liquid filling her body with a pleasant warmth, Abigail appreciates the warm sensation as she takes a sip of her coffee. For coffee lovers like her, coffee is the most essential part of their morning and is for them, a rush of energy. Coffee is a fast-paced beverage that matches the rushed life of the person drinking it. However, people like Blair consume the slow-paced drink, making sure to take time to sip it, often staring out the window and contemplating about life. However, for these two women, even if everything in their day is going wrong, their coffee or tea are the one thing that goes completely

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