Difference Between Change Management And Strategic Management

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In order to compare and contrast these change management and strategic management, we need to know what each one stands for. Change management is the change that occurs in the management of change and also the development that occur within the business or organization. Strategic management is the setting of objectives, which are analyze by the competitive of it environment and it also analyze by the internal organization which evaluate strategies and ideas that could ensure management. The paper would provide example why this two change management and strategic management have in common. The paper would also go into detail how this two management, change management and strategic management are different.


Change management
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Change could create emotional such as anxiety and fear. Both change management and strategic management go through this process when change going occur.

Strategic management and Change management is similar to each other because they both could create fear, when the person is unsure or unknown can also block change and it also lack creating resistance. Another way that Strategic management is a like because strategic management have the trait of ,“Managers therefore have to enhance their ability to recognize and exploit framing dynamics” (Cox, Buck, & Morgan, 2016) and it like how Change management needs a planned organizational change and it requires details and activities that will occur to meet the organizational goal. Both of these management come up with things that will better there organization. Strategic management and change management both have positive outcome to make management better, Strategic management feel like, “firms are not the only actors capable of deliberately framing an issue or changing how an issue is framed” (Cox, Buck, & Morgan, 2016) and change management feel like taking, “various external forces of change impacting on both small and big firms”( Bach &
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Strategic management is dissimilar to change management because it has a poor or maybe strategic management may not have a plan that does not existent. Through change management perspective, they examine other drivers that influence the employee’s resistance to change. They support their employees though the process of change. Strategic management does things quite different from change management, strategic management is, and “the result is a deficient process that invariably fails to yield the expected results from effort”.( Menkhoff, & Wah, 2008) What change management could do is stop treating the resistance as a problem employee, and understand the many factor that that drive resistance and manage it and this will help the employee to change in management. Strategic management does not require evaluation or feedback mechanism and it also has limited the linkage between plans and the actions that will