Difference Between Biological And Biological Psychology

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Psychology means the “study of the human mind”. The field of psychology is in terms of time, is relatively new to the science circuit. Many men and women have come and gone since the time of Wilhelm Wundt and William James. Even in the infancy of psychology the “founding fathers” had different positions on what psychology meant and how it should be perceived and used. Wilhelm Wundt, known as the “father of experimental psychology” founded the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany in 1879. Wilhelm Wundt’s focus was in Structuralism, an approach that looks at breaking down consciousness into simpler forms like sensation and feeling. This was one of the earliest “approaches” to the newly formed field of psychology. Meanwhile in…show more content…
Biology is the study of life and therefore biological psychology is the study of humans. It has three very important aspects that makes it unique from the other perspectives, it involves using a comparative method, understanding the physiology of humans, and how inheritance affects our thoughts, moods, and behaviors. Biological psychology is very much on the nature side of the nature/nurture argument. It looks at how genes have shaped who we are. It also looks at brain and body malfunctions as a reason to explain behavior and other psychological aspects. This school of thought is what a psychiatrist would use in prescribing medicine for disorders and/or behavioral interventions. Although primarily focused with genes and nature the biological approach puts great emphasis on the Diathesis/Stress model. This models states people are born with a certain genetic predisposition or disorder and then the environment puts or adds stress therefore allowing that disorder or predisposition to surface and symptomize. Because of this emphasis on the Diathesis/Stress model the biological approach has to acknowledge that environment does have some say in how we develop disorders, illnesses,
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