Difference Between Biggby And Starbucks

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People all around the nation savor coffee whether they are intoxicated by the smell or just enjoy the flavor. Whether freshly brewed coffee or blended into a specialty drink, coffee, a delicacy, is loved by the masses. Coffee lovers, who live in the Midwestern region of the United States, purchase this liquid pleasure from many places including Tim Hortons, Meijer, Walmart, Biggby, and Starbucks. Although people savor coffee from all of the locations listed above, Biggby and Starbucks are the two dominate locations where specialty drinks can be purchased. Does a difference between Biggby and Starbucks exist? The answer is a definite yes. Although Biggby and Starbucks are astonishingly similar, Starbucks cannot compare to Biggby. First, Biggby allows full personalization of their drinks, which sets them apart from Starbucks. From personal experience, I have seen that Biggby is willing and skilled enough to create or modify flavors which satisfy my taste buds. According to John Flanders, a coffee house connoisseur, Biggby gives more free flavor shots, like espresso, than Starbucks does (Saunders, personal interview, November 5, 2017). As Biggby proudly declared on their website, “Our baristas take pride in their pursuit of mastering the craft of coffee, as well as becoming experts in the zillion different ways we can customize your drink for you” (“The…show more content…
Biggby’s staff creates an exceptionally welcoming and inviting atmosphere, like their neon colored decorations. In addition, Biggby’s drink quality and quantity far exceeds that of Starbucks. Biggby’s baristas are more willing to customize their blended beverages for customers versus Starbucks. People who live in the Midwest may be familiar with Biggby, as it is only a regional company; however, Starbucks is more well-known, because they are worldwide. As Biggby expands, differentiation between the two coffee houses will become more

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