Difference Between Arranged And Love Marriage

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South Asia: Arranged Versus Love Marriage
My friend Maria was a brilliant first year college student who had a GPA of 3.80 before she got married. She had a plan to have at least her master’s degree and if possible, get her PhD degree before she got married. However, Maria couldn`t reach her dreams because of her parent`s old tradition of arranged marriage. In her case, she ended up being a housewife with three children and a very abusive and manipulative husband. Maria`s husband was fifteen years older than her. “Is that what you want for our daughter?” This was my mother`s reply to my father when he insisted to make arrangements to get a husband for my oldest sister three years ago. Maria is from Pakistan, and she has been a close friend
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According to a marriage expert and a doctor who specialized in psychiatry, “family and religious involvement are key elements in the marital satisfaction of individuals in an arranged marriage” (Bowman). Simply put, when parents choose a spouse for their son (or mainly their daughter), they look for another family that they have a good relationship with or that has the same culture or ethnicity, and sometimes arranged marriage happens between two people whose families are of at least the same level of wealth. On the other hand, in love marriage, the parents do not have control over their children`s marital decision. Thus, many people decide who they may marry without the involvement of their parents. This means in love marriages, the parents of the two people might not know each other well, or the two people`s parents may have different religion or socioeconomic status. Therefore, some people who choose their partner want to make a connection with each other`s parents. Bowman, furthermore, states that in India even though two persons meet and fall in love without any family involvement, they would try to involve their parents by sending elders to each other`s family to ask for a blessing before decreeing their marriage. This practice helps maintain a good future relationship between the two families. As a result, arranged marriages are often more helpful than love marriage regarding a connection between the two families of the
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