Diets by Government Can Create More Problems

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Every person has piece play overall even is smallest piece in world. The people give the government its voice. The world runs for many different reasons because governments work and there people support it. If the government does not have the support of the people then it will have a hard time to run it. The government runs many things like health care we use every day if control diets there even more control of now then before. The government should not run our diets in the government through the media affects what people think are healthy, unhealthy diets around country now and some many people who do not want it. Across the country, the some type media going on. The media can affect a person's diet negatively and their health goals. A study measured if people who met their goals and what the feelings of weight like dream, happy, accepting or disappoint. Two-hundred-thirty people were women and 54 were men (Kaly P). Eighty-Nine percent of people said if they would lose 8% of body weight, they would meet their dream weight. The study did this twice for each person. Seventy-seven percent of people said if they lost or gained 9% to 49% of their weight would make them happier, more acceptable, and/or disappointed (Kaly P). The study compared feelings of people having unrealistic expectations of weight loss. A person disappointed with their weight loss and compare to a surgeon would say the surgery was successful. This helps prove that women or even men who lose weight with surgeries or by diets (Kaly P). If a person gets to original goal weight or healthy weight, a person still might want to change. If a person on their own cannot decide, what healthy weight is then how can a government do it for thousands. This shows how many diff... ... middle of paper ... people a false idea of what they should do. Then the people create unhealthy diets from this. Lastly government gets ideas from people who getting false images. The government has to find the truth through all the lies before it can do anything. Works Cited Eskimo. Let’s not move towards hate. 13 April 2012. Web. 14 March 2014. Gavin, Mary L. The deal With Diets. May 2013. Web. 13 March 2014. Kaly P, Orellana S, Torrella T, Takagishi C, Saff-Koche L, Murr MM. Unrealistic weight loss expectations in candidates for bariatric surgery. 4 February 2008. Web. 13 March 2014. Siervo M, Montagnese C, Muscariello E, Evans E, Stephan BC, Nasti G, Papa A, Iannetti E, Colantuoni A. Weight loss expectations and body dissatisfaction in young women attempting to lose weight. 19 April 2013. Web. 13 March 2014. York, New. Let’s Move Slowly. 9 March 2013. Web. 13 March 2014.

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