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There are many different work out supplements. Some of those work out supplements are Proteins/Amino Acids, Performance Supplements, Energy Boosting Products, and Vitamins.

The first work out supplement we are going to tell you about is Proteins/Amino Acids. One supplement that is made of Protein is called, "The Ultimate Whey Designer Protein." This designer protein is 68% better than egg white and or regular whey. It mixes easy and gives you up to 18 grams of protein per scoop. This supplement will run you the consumer about $26.99 each 2 lbs bottle. This should last you a good 4 weeks. Another protein supplement is Promax Protein. This contains 50 grams of predigested, bioactive protein per serving it also contains less than 1 gram of fat and is sugar free. "Promax contains pure pharmaceutical quality branched chain amino acids," according to the manufacturer. Promax is for maximum growth, plus vitamins and minerals. This would run you about $32.07. That is just a little more than the Ultimate Whey Designer Protein, but this one gives you more than just protein and 68% better than egg white and or regular whey. So you would be smart in the purchase of the Promax Protein instead of the Ultimate Whey Designer Protein.

Now, we are going to talk about the amino acids that you can buy from a gym or a local supplement store. The "Anabolic Amino Balance" is a foundation of 23 pure crystalline 100% pharmaceutical grade free form amino acids. This is all uniquely balanced and scientifically formulated high in the amino acids found in muscle tissue. This is very high in nitrogen and branched chain amino acids. This is most utilized during intense training and those your muscles need for tissue maintenance and repair. 1 bottle of 250 capsules would run you about $19.85. The other amino acid supplement that we will tell you about is the "Amino Plus". This supplement contains predigested crystalline amino acids which were scientifically profiled for use during periods of intense physical energy demand. "Free and peptide bonded (di & tri Peptides) amino acids from pancreatic digest of pharmaceutical grade casein, silica, hydrogenated vegetable oil and lecithin." A bottle of 250 capsules would cost about $12.93. We would recommend that you use the Anabolic Amino Balance if you are going to use or are using a amino acid capsule to help you with the tis...

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... multi-nutrient, vitamin, mineral, amino acid formula, formula includes nature's most powerful energy building and life protecting nutrients." A bottle of 240 capsules would run around about $36.50. Now if you have that kind of money to spend on this kind of product, don't spend the money give it to us! The last vitamin is "Vita Tech Mega Dose Vitamin Pak." This is designed for the competitive bodybuilder and serious athlete seeking to maximize physical performance. Containing a broad spectrum of performance nutrients. Vita Tech provides vitamins, minerals, stress B complex, amino acids, antioxidants, fat burners, and digestive aids, Each packet contains a total of 13 tablets, soft gelatin caps, and capsules.

Overall, dietary supplements really work. You see there is one catch though. If you want to take them you can, but once you do you are hooked and if you don't work out it all turns into fat! Yet, when you do take dietary supplements you put your life into the manufacturers hands! Here is some advice from us, "Work out, but don't take anything to help you build muscle or anything else cause your life's at risk when you do."

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