Diet and Weight Loss Trends

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Now a days, many teens are trying to lose weight. Some of their attempts to lose weight are often unhealthy. One of the more popular methods of weight loss is dieting, or the regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or weight loss.
A large number of teens are resorting to unhealthy weight loss behaviors. According to Neumark-Sztainer, Story, Hannan, Perry and Irving ( 2002), “more than 1/2 of girls and 1/3 of boys engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors for example, fasting, laxatives, skipping meals, or smoking to control appetite”. Clearly, teens try to lose weight in incorrect ways. Extreme dieting will not help you to become thin; you have to know how to be healthy. Neumark-Sztainer also believe “higher weight and overweight teens are more likely to engage in both binge-eating and unhealthy control than normal weight teens. In fact, 20% of overweight girls and 6% of overweight boys report using laxatives, vomiting, and biuret pills” Obviously, teenagers are lost. They try to lose weight quickly, so they become unhealthy. Teens need to know how to diet healthy and effectively. This paper will address four research questions:
1. Does diet make you fat?
2. What are the common mistakes in dieting?
3. How do you make your diet healthy?
4. Is exercise important to lose weight?
The drastic behavior of teens to lose weight calls into question the effectiveness of dieting and other weight loss methods. Dieting needs to be rethought as it has been shown to cause weight gain and many people make unhealthy mistakes in dieting. However, simple changes in the way we approach dieting and exercise can lead to a healthy and effective way to lose weight.
Does Diet Make You Fat?
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