Diet Essay: Why Is Portion Control Diet?

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Portion Control Diet

Portion control does not mean eating tiny portions throughout the day. Yes, in order to lose some weight, a person indeed needs to cut some calories, but you don't necessarily need to be hungry and count minutes, even seconds to your next meal. Portion control shouldn't feel like a diet and shouldn't be hard.

We as a human kind have developed some bad eating habits over the years. High calorie unhealthy foods like hamburgers, desserts and sweet drinks are so widely popular and easy options that most adults in U.S. and 1 in 3 children are now obese. Changing the habits is not that hard. The most important thing is to get rid of most food offenders (eat at least 80% healthy) and not fully load that plate.

Here are some
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Eat more fruit, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and nuts, whole grains … Fish is extremely important to include in our diets, and most of people don't eat enough of it. Include fish at least two times per week. Prepare your meals at home, as much as possible. Stir-fry and cook! Forget about deep fry. Of course it's not smart to remove everything we love from our diets just because it's not healthy, but moderation is key. Make healthy food 80% of your weekly intake, and leave 20% for some treats like piece of pizza, wine, or a cake. Switch some foods for their healthier versions: learn how to make healthy pizza, with cauliflower crust. Replace your potatoes with cauliflower too. Make healthy ice cream out of frozen bananas and strawberries. Everything is a matter of…show more content…
It was even considered rude towards our mothers or grandmothers to leave food, as the food was bad or something. In some cultures, it is still considered rude and disrespectful towards the cook, but the plates have gone bigger lately. It's smart to replace your oversize plates for smaller ones. Our minds work wonders. Stuff the small plate and you get just a bit more food than you'd get in half the regular plate. If you're eating of a full sized plate, you are probably overeating and don't even know it.
According to a 2012 study, the color of the plates we eat from also influences how much of the food is going to be eaten. The researchers discovered that high contrasts in plates mean less food, for example eating pasta out of a dark plate. Eating red sauces from reddish plates leads to overeating, scientists concluded. Also, if you need to throw in more healthy foods to your diet like salads or smoothies, make sure you eat them out of big bowls and cups.

Same goes for drinks. If you have to have a cocktail or any other sugary drink, serve it in a tall glass. They often contain the same amount of liquid as wide smaller ones, but our brains don't know
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