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Diet Analysis I have learned a lot from this two-day diet analysis assignment. In my two day assessment, I recorded my food intake, quantities, drinks, snacks, condiments, where and who I was with during the meal, the time of day, and the amount of time I spent eating. I was able to analyze my diet to examine what I was eating and what types of nutrients I was getting. I then compared all aspects with my recommended levels of nutrients for my dietary recommended intake. I learned that my eating habits are not the best and could lead to serious health problems in the future that may be detrimental. The book describes a healthful diet as one that includes: consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods within the food groups; limiting intake of solid fats, cholesterol, added sugars, sodium, and alcohol; and limiting intake of calories to meet needs for calories. I needed to ensure the nutrients I was getting were reaching, but not overextending, my needed nutrient levels. Calorie Assessment It was recommended that my calorie intake should be around 1,920 calories a day. On the first day, my calorie intake was a little below my recommended goal at 1,738. I didn’t consider this to be a bad thing since I didn’t get any exercise. At 847 grams, my carbohydrate consumption was also below the recommended range of 864 to 1,248 grams. Protein and fat were both in my recommended range. I found this surprising. I thought that my calorie intake and consumption of carbohydrates and fats would be above the recommended goal and that protein would be lower than my goal. Day two was a little different in some areas. Total calories and fat were above the recommended goal, with 2,013 calories and 803 grams of fat. At 779 grams my carbohydrate consum... ... middle of paper ... ...ient consumption is not as healthy as I might want to believe. I realized that consuming foods in some of the basic groups such as dairy and grains is not enough to have a healthy diet. You have to understand what foods provide healthy amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, needed. I need to watch my fat, cholesterol, phosphorus, and zinc intake. Over the two days, I needed to increase my vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, and potassium consumption. There are a variety of foods that could be easily added to my daily diet that can help to increase the areas where I am lacking in vitamins and minerals. This dietary assessment has taught me a lot about my own eating habits and has inspired me to modify them for a healthier lifestyle. Probably the biggest change I will make after having done this project is to increase my intake of vegetables and fruits.
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