Diesel versus Gasoline Engines

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When consumers look to spend twenty thousand dollars or more for a vehicle it’s obvious that they want to get the best for their money. New cars come with many options and each option claims to be better than the other when it comes to finding the best vehicle, but what vehicle can give the consumer the best combination of power, durability, and efficiency for their money? One option that is becoming progressively more available for the consumer to consider is the option of a diesel burning vehicle rather than a gasoline vehicle.
With today’s economic hardships it’s obvious that the first thing consumers look at when buying a vehicle is fuel efficiency. Consumers looking for a vehicle usually over look diesel cars and trucks because of the extra cost of diesel fuel. This is a very common misconception because the extra fuel millage obtained by a diesel motor tends to be overlooked. Diesel engines deliver thirty percent better fuel mileage that gasoline. For the extra price diesel to offset the better fuel economy diesel would have to be at least thirty percent more than gasoline (Scalar, Deanna). For example, the diesel 2011 Volkswagen Jetta will cost $1,725 annually; while its gasoline counterpart will cost $2,118 annually (Mello, Tara Baukus).One gallon of diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon of gasoline only has 125,000 BTUs. This means it takes more gasoline to equal the power output of diesel, making diesel engines more efficient per gallon of fuel burned (Schifsky, Chuck). Not only is the diesel fuel more efficient that gasoline but because of the direct injection of diesel motors there is little wasted energy as compared to gasoline engines.
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... and industry and helps the economy as well. Biodiesel has created over fifty thousand jobs and has provided billions of dollars to the GDP of America (Biodiesel Basics). Diesel engines can also be easily converted to operate using pure vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is grown by American farmers, can be collected at restaurants for use, and is on hundred percent natural and safe (Recycled Vegetable Oil).
Diesel cars and trucks have been around for many years and continue to improve over many the years. Environmentally, economically, and for the performance it just makes sense to go with a diesel vehicle over a gas burning one. These diesel cars and trucks are become more and more a part of the automotive industry. The advantages of driving one of these diesel burning vehicles are absolutely undeniable and anyone looking to buy a vehicle should strongly consider one.
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