Dictatorship or Democracy in Pakistan?

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“Dictatorship or democracy?” it is a popular question, or rather a debate going all around this country especially in media talks. These two are the form of government, and both of them have ruled Pakistan separately. Most of the people in Pakistan consider democracy the best form of the regime, but few believe the other way round. They intend that way because dictatorship has been the most successful type of government until now, but the disadvantage of this type of government is that it gives one person too much power, so that he has no motivation to do what is right for the country. Even though illiterate and corrupt politicians have ruled Pakistan in democracy, nevertheless, we should give time to this form of government because only that government should exist which is made for the people and by the people of Pakistan. A dictator cannot simply dictate the desires and dreams of the people around him.

People generally expect freedom and equality from their government. Democracy provides both of them while dictatorship does not. Democracy makes all the public engrossed in their country by giving them a voice in legislation. It gives them a feeling of importance and a sense of responsibility; hence, it yields a significance to their personality. Another advantage of democracy is that it is less prone to revolution than other forms of government. Since people themselves elect the members of government, the need for a revolution does not come up. In addition, a democratic system has room for changes and functions based on the ideas of many rather than completely ignoring or violently rejecting the fact that people have conflicting ideology. Democracy tries to make negotiations and allows for debates over topics and choices. The...

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... a chance to get rid of it after every five years. That is why the majority of the people around this world support democracy. As mentioned above, democracy means the rule of the people. Lincoln rightly supported it by saying government of the people, by the people and for the people. On one more occasion, he said: - “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.”
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