Dictatorship Suits Pakistan Better than Democracy

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A famous quote by Abraham Lincoln is, ‘’ Government by the people, of the people, for the people.’’ Unfortunately in Pakistan the phrase ‘For the people’ is invalid as politicians do no work for the people but they want to gain the maximum power and want to fill their pockets with money. Pakistan was founded on 14th August, 1947. During the past 67 years, Pakistan has experienced both dictatorship and democratic governments. Even though, democracy can be a viable form of government for most of the countries, however for a third world country like Pakistan, dictatorship seems appropriate because it has a low literacy rate which render the masses incapable of making a rational choice, prevalent provincialism which takes priority over national decision making and lastly dictatorship in Pakistan has always outperformed democracy in economic development and growth. According to a report of UN education department UNESCO, the illiteracy percentage was 79 percent in Pakistan in 2012 (Pakistan today). The above report shows that the literacy rate of Pakistan is alarmingly low which means that the majority of the population of Pakistan is incapable of making a calculated and rational choice. Due to their unawareness and lack of knowledge, the majority ends up voting for the person who is portrayed in the media as the best; only because of huge amount of money that he has fed the news channels with. Hence, the media only advertises those contenders who are rich enough to pay the news channels a handsome amount and consequently many able and worthy candidates who are unable to afford the same lime light are deprived of the chance of competing on the same footing. Moreover, People are unable to choose the right representative as they are... ... middle of paper ... ...right to choose their own representatives yet they can’t because of the tremendous pressure from influential members of their society. But this doesn’t end here as there had been reports of fraudulent polling throughout the major urban cities of Pakistan as well which has discouraged many educated members of the society to cast their vote. Even the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s Chairman Imran Khan pointed out that “record rigging” had takenplace in the May 11 elections, his party had accepted the polling result, but would never accept the fraudulent polling. Democracy may prove to be befitting for other countries, but for Pakistan dictatorship is the best option due to the aforementioned reasons. Napolean said that one bad general is better than two good ones. These reasons support the well-known phrase that a good dictatorship is better than a worse democracy.

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