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It is hard to pin point one important aspect from a diaspora community, but if you look at them individually you can learn so much. These diasporic community and even New York City as a whole have a sense of nationalism, “which are united people of similar language, religion, culture, and history,” (the year of revolution notes) who are proud of where they came from and who they represent now. New York City has always been increasingly growing to become a foreign city, and each year more and more foreigners claim that city to be their home. From what I saw in New York, how it related to our class, what the trip made me think about in terms of a diasporic community, and why I would recommend this trip to anyone, simply just to learn about diaspora communities first hand in one of the most ethnically diverse cities. The majority of the trip I had stayed in little Italy but eventually made my way to China town which are probably the two biggest diasporic communities in the city, also traveled to the freedom tower which was in fact the main event.
The majority of the trip after the freedom tower I stayed in little Italy which was my absolute favorite part of the trip. I
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The one view that was my favorite was that you were able to see Ellis Island and the statue of liberty. The New York harbor in which Ellis Island is located “represents the growth of the federal government in regulating immigration,”(immigration and urban poverty in America notes) in which immigrants are attracted by job opportunities and a better life to travel here. Ellis Island was the biggest place for immigrants to travel through and the first thing that they see is that statue of liberty which represents freedom. They are traveling to a different life in a different country for freedom from, religion, better work, and simply for a better

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