Diary of a Mad Black Woman

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Helen in the beginning dresses real flashy, but the only reason she dresses like this is to please her husband. She believes that is she keeps up her appearances that he will be pleased enough to stay, but after he kicks her out she knows otherwise. When she wakes up in the morning, after staying at madea’s house; Madea comments on her clothing: “You don’t own any normal clothes, do you?”. Helen starts thinking of her clothing and how that might be true. She still cares how she looks but not as much as she did when she was with Charles.

Helen comes from a very close family. Even though she cut all ties with them when she was with Charles, they still took her in. Even though Madea was shocked to see her, even saying: “ What are you doing here.”. She gave her a place to sleep. Helen has no skills, she always relied on Charles for food, and shelter. Now that charles is gone she must rely on herself. Even though she only has a High School education, she still works hard. She taught her self a whole new set of skills that will help her through her life. She must also lets herself feel again. After everything that happened with Charles, she becomes very hard and calloused. When she meets orlando for the first time he tells her “ know every man you will have to pay”, he tells her this because she now sees men in a negative way. After going to dinner with orlando, she sees that maybe she can trust again. She is still hurt from being with charles, but something inside her tells her she can trust him.

When first meeting Helen, she seems very confused and guarded. Confused because she does not whether to leave Charles, or stay with him. Guarded because she needs to have walls up to protect herself from Charles. Because of this she become...

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...n, she choose to forgive him. Not only did she forgive him for treating her so cruelly, but she still loved him in the end.

Helen has become a very strong and independent women; who takes conflict head on. Even though it hurts her and sometimes she feels lost; she still continues to move forward. She does this because she must.

After everything that was thrown at her, the conflict and the heartbreak; she became stronger. She saw that in order to be part of this world you must stand up for yourself, and speak her mind. Not only to become stronger but independent also; so she can become a better person , but also for a more happy life.

She chose to be happy and live her life; but she also chose to not let anything come between her and her happiness. This was the best choice for her. Now she can continue on through life without such a heavy heart.
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