Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Dairy of a Young Girl

The autobiography I read "The Dairy of a Young Girl" written by Anne Frank" is about a young girl who suffered a lot in the Holocaust. Anne Frank kept a diary, which made her a very well known teenagers. She has inspired people from all over the world. Her writings explain the true feeling of being in the World War II. She kept her dairy from June 12,1942 and ended when it was discovered in August 1944.
On her 13th birthday on June 12, 1942 Anne received a diary from her parents, Otto and Edith Frank. Two days later, she started writing about her thoughts. A few weeks later, Anne sister, Margot Frank received a notice from the Nazi to report for work at a labor camp. Which is called the concentration camps. On July 5th, 1942, Anne and her family moved to the "Secret Annex". It’s a secret hiding area where her father builded in back of his office. When her family hide from the Nazis, who arrested and victimized Jews, Anne took her diary everywhere she goes. She called it “Kitty,'; and the two years of spending in the Secret Annex, her diary was her friend. Eight people lived in the Secret Annex. There were the four members of the Frank family, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot and Anne. Three from the Van Pels family, Herman and Auguste Van Pels and their son Peter, and an elderly named Pfeffer. The four people acted as helpers for the Frank family and the people living in the Secret Annex. They brought them food, supplies and news.
Anne and the seven people, who shared the Secret Annex, were sent to Westerbork camp. A few weeks later, they were later sent to other camps. When they were leaving from Auschwitz, Otto Frank was separated from his family. Otto Frank was in the camp infirmary and was left behind. Otto Frank tried to convince Peter to hide in the infirmary, but he was afraid. He soon found out that his wife died, but it was not until some time after returning home that he found that Margot and Anne died. Otto Frank was the only one of the 8 people from the secret annex to survive.
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