Diary Entries In The Book 'Go Ask Alice'

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My fourth text type is diary entries. A diary entry has a lot of power over someone’s privacy. It’s a daily record on whatever the owner wants. It can be on how their day was, or just how they felt throughout the day. A lot of people confess their secrets there. Just like in the book “Go Ask Alice” I decided to write three diary entries. Of course I pretended to be someone else, I pretended to be a girl that was sexually assaulted by her own father, so I would drink and consume drugs to numb the pain. In the diary entries I pretended to be afraid of telling my own mother because I knew she wasn’t going to believe me. The audience for this text type is the writer itself because it’s too personal for someone to read, but if the writer (me) authorized people to read the entries the audience would be girls. A lot of girls are targeted by their own family members and they are afraid to reach for help. This relates to my audiences…show more content…
When I finished reading the book I was amazed because no one had ever talked to me about how some teenagers struggle with drugs, alcohol and being sexual assaulted. I knew they existed, and that it was a problem, but I didn’t know all the bad outcomes. I didn’t know how painful it was, and it was just because I never took the time to think about it till I read about it. When it comes to sexual abuse you don’t have to be a rapist to abuse and the person doesn’t have to be a rapist for him/her to abuse of you. If you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol you’re not yourself anymore. The next day you might not even remember a thing. That is what most young adults don’t understand. Sexual assault can even be having sex just to obtain drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are depressants. Consuming those substances is the solution, and it leads to being more depressed and eventually overdose. That is the message I tried getting across each text
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