Diana Ross and Maddona: Two Recording Artists

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Diana Ross and Madonna are both successful music artists that are influential to the music industry. Diana Ross’s career started at the top with her group members in The Supremes. Madonna also shared the same success as she reached the top of charts during the 1980s. They both encountered a significant loss of one of their parents that affected them deeply. They have each been married twice in which neither marriage worked out. These women are iconic legends who made way for other women who pursued a career in music and showed us how success can be achievable.
Diana Ross was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 26, 1944. She began her career in 1960 when her and two friends formed the group The Supremes. The other group members were Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard. In 1961 the group was signed to Motown Records by Berry Gordy Jr. (Diana Ross) They became very successful with 12 number one pop singles, plenty of television appearances, sold-out concerts, and various gold recordings. “At the height of the civil rights movement, they were also embraced by the world as symbols of black achievement and black womanhood. “ (Simon & Schuster) Their music catered to adults as well as teens. They were the top female group of the 60s and set records that no group has been able to compete with. They attended political fundraisers quite often and was asked to attend the funeral when Martin Luther King Jr. passed away. They performed at venues in Las Vegas and places all around the world. Their television performances were about once a week or a large concert. They were models for black success to many African Americans. (Simon & Schuster) Diana Ross finally left the group in 1969 when she decided to become a solo artist and act in films....

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...983 and it rose to success slowly. Her second album “Like a Virgin, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Chart and went platinum within a month.” (Madonna) She had her first tour called The Virgin Tour and had 17 songs consecutively be in the Top 10 on the Billboard Chart. She married her first husband Sean Penn which lasted a short time because of domestic abuse issues. During the 80s she acted in four movies which were Shanghai Surprise, Who’s That Girl, Bloodhounds of Broadway, and Dick Tracy. In 1989 Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video aired on MTV to be part of a Pepsi endorsement. The video was controversial because it showed “interracial relationship themes, burning crosses, a blending of sexual innuendo, and religious ideologies.” (Madonna) Pepsi decided not to endorse her after the video aired and Pope John Paul II advised fans not to attend her concerts in Italy.
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