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Designer Diamonds Newspaper Article What have been the effects of diamond mining had on the environment and people of Africa (or India) especially those in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone? Sierra Leone has been through decades of resource exploitation. Also a brutal ten-year war has taken its toll on all the people and their land that they are living on. Most of these are among the poorest and the most uneducated people in the world. In Sierra Leone, mining is basically a way of living for them. When the dry season comes around many of the young men are able to dig down into the gravel. This is when they head to the diamond fields. Mining companies hire most of the men but sometimes others just do all the work for themselves and their families. Most of the men that are working for the mining companies will earn only one dollar a day. Lots of men are forced to leave school as kids to work in the mines. Sierra Leone has only just recently discovered large deposits of iron and oil. The families in Marange believe their village would be safer if they had never discovered enormous deposits of alluvial diamonds. Marange’s major challenge was the invasion of tens of thousands of miners, merchants and dealers who did not submit to the local traditional leaders. The diamond rush was followed by lots ad lots of violence. Murder and armed robberies were the most recorded attacks. Over 200 miners were shot within 5 weeks. Sabi River was the main water source. The river provided fish, drinking water for humans and livestock and abled people to do chores such as their laundry. The river was also used for baths, for the children and for the adults. Since September 2009 villages have had to watch in pain as the mining companies are rapidly taking th... ... middle of paper ... ... get it back to the way it was. This can include refilling the pits were the diamond mining was located. Diamond mining faces big challenges that relate to energy. This can contribute to the global climate change. Artificial diamonds can effect miners because the artificial diamonds will get sold in stores for less money than real diamonds would, this means that miners are losing business. Mining can effect the environment majorly; one of these ways is deforestation. Before the mining process begins, the whole land that is being mined has to be cleared. Deforestation decreases the amount of habitats for animals. In worse cases this can even lead to death of animals. Land dredging happens when holes are filled with contaminated water. The holes then become a breeding nest for mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects. This can lead to spreading of diseases.

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