Dialectic Teaching Method Essay

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Q1: Dialectic teaching method
Dialectic teaching method is also known as the Socratic method.
First of all this was used by Socrates as “teaching style”.
His ideas were only transferred orally, Plato was first who wrote them down and refined the method., is a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned arguments
Dialectic is the name Plato gives to his method, to the highest form of thought. In dialectic one examines one's assumptions, one's basic concepts, and one arrives at better assumptions and concepts.
It is perfectly possible, for Plato, that one would not, for the moment, examine one's concepts. One might simply be using
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Without philosophy, without this examining and improving of basic definitions, one is simply trapped in whatever concepts one has up to a given time. Science, without philosophy, would be pretty blind.
According to Plato dialectic as a vehicle for moving from a concern with the material world to a concern with the world of ideas.The dialectic crosses the ‘divided line’ between matter and idea.
The dialectic process begins in the world of matter with use of the brain, the tongue, gestures, and so forth, but it ends in the world of ideas with the discovery of truth. He has also been termed as a highly valuable vehicle of truth.
Q. 2: Three Pedagogical rules suggested by Kant to compulsion in education.
First pedagogical rule of conduct:
Freedom from infancy except where there’s a chance of harm to self, provided it doesn’t inhibit the freedom of others through its actions.
Problem of Discipline:
The child must always remain aware of its own freedom when disciplinary measures are taken.
Children should be accustomed to work without having to abandon play.
Education must be made obligatory without becoming a form of slavery.
If a child expects freedom, he must also be responsible to grant freedom to others and not hinder it through his own
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Equal education for men & women must be provided as high education leads to high order thinking and only philosophers should become rulers. If a woman is wiser, she should become a philosopher queen instead of a less wise or less educated philosopher king. Plato (women education) According to Plato, it is necessary to make a successful and remarkable nation and rulers that women should be lerant skills and be acquired knowledge equally to men. Because Women have much care about their lives so that they can become philosopher queen. Educated men deserve educated wives.
Mr. Qasim Teaches science to grade XVIII. He uses scientific method to teach and also deal with the philosophical background of the subjects. He is a popular teacher among his students. Aristotle: Teaching Method According to Aristotle, Scientific method is very important to teach a class because it is very helpful to measure and observe phenomenas ans make predictions about it... Is is also helpful to make educational decisions and strategies and to discover new
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