Diagnostic Assessment Essay

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An ongoing feature of life, from the day we are born to the day we pass we are assessed, from birth, we are measured against benchmarks. I believe any assessment conducted to help improve a student holds the most value.

The focus of assessment is to measure and evaluate student progression and development. The process of assessment involves collecting information, organising tasks, evaluating knowledge and skills, interpreting results and reporting findings (McMillan, 2007). Killen
(2005) declares assessment encourages student learning, determines what targets need to be re-taught or amended and helps to identify ways of improving teaching and learning. For teachers to measure progress and development they need to assess the cognitive and affective domains to identify what knowledge and skills are understood when learning. Therefore, by placing significance on affective learning targets, through attitudes, values, motivation,
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As a teacher I hope to adopt both methods to assist my students in achieving the outcomes set for them across all areas of learning, however I must keep in mind the reasons why some students may not be meeting outcomes.

Diagnostic assessment is a relation to formative assessment; however as a teacher I need to remember the difference between the two. I will use formative assessment to show progress of learning. I need to beware that diagnostic assessment is a process where I find out why or how a student is struggling with a concept and support that so it does not impeded on their understanding. To do this I may make modifications to my lesson, change my instructions to strengthen concepts and break down barriers for success in learning.
I believe, with the support of formative assessment to monitor, diagnostic assessment to intervene if needed and summative assessment to gage understanding a unit of work is
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