Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders and Treatment

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In this paper we shall discuss two (2) fictional clients and their symptoms, and attempt to diagnose the clients using the DSM-IV TR. We then shall discuss specific treatment strategies that are based on the four (4) approaches discussed during the Introduction to Psychology course and briefly discuss ethical obligations in regard to the client during their treatment.


Amanda is a 25 year old Caucasian female whom has a history of sexual abuse as a child and is in therapy to deal with emotional issues in regards to the abuse. She has been married for three (3) years and enjoys sexual activity with her husband. Her concern lies in the fact that although she is enjoying sexual intercourse and other sexual activities with her husband, she has noticed since becoming sexually active at age 17 that there have been reoccurring issues in regards to maintaining adequate lubrication. This has been frustrating for both Amanda and her husband and caused some strain on their marriage.

Regina is a 28 year old Caucasian female. She has been married for nine months to her husband, they have two children together and each have one child from a previous relationship. Regina and her husband are seeking family counseling in regards to issues pertaining on ways better integrate their blended family. During the initial intake Regina is forthcoming but her husband brings up her “immense need” to clean and maintain their home. He gives specifics to what he describes as a “compulsiveness”, after talking with Regina she explains she feels an overpowering need to clean and pick up after the children. She goes on to explain her mother was not one for keeping a tidy house and would be embarrassed that it was “ dirty “when frien...

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...ue. Another important one is patient confidentiality and maintaining that confidentiality throughout treatment. If a patient does not trust you they are unlikely to get the most out of the therapy strategy you are pursuing. Lastly, it is very unbecoming to have an inappropriate relationship with a client during their treatment and can cause more harm to the patient.


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