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Miss A, 29 years old. She is a single woman who lives alone. She has 3 siblings and she is the oldest one.
At this age, Miss A is going through the intimacy versus isolation stage according to Erikson’s psychosocial stages theory (Corey, 2005) and at this stage the core of psychopathology for an isolation or exclusivity might take place (Feist & Feist, 2002) if she does not manage well of internal and external forces that create uneasiness. There were also some researchers tried to find the relationship between birth oder theory by Adler (Sulloway, 2001) to the psychiatric field, nevertheless it is not significant eventhough there is correlation of firstborne with the psychiatric field (Clum & Clum, 1970).
Main Symptoms
• Cannot use any means of transfer.
• Feels very anxious each time she needs to move to a place away from home.
Fear outside of the home alone
• Bad dreams that usually wake her up very early in the morning with rapid heart beat, sweating, trembling.
• She also feels very anxious when she is walking in open air and the weather is very windy.
• She conceives the image of being unable to help herself in any crowded place and afraid of collapsing and no one could help her.
• Her prominence also began to incline towards the anxious and avoidance behavior.
• It was marked by gradual changes of being often in the house.
The bad dream that wake her up at night has the possibility that she has nocturnal panic attack (Barlow, 2008; Hersen, Turner, & Beidel, 2007) that preceded the agoraphobia. Moreover, the presence of avoidance behaviour will create housebound (Barlow, 2008; Hersen et al., 2007; Maddux & Winstead, 2005) that leads to ineffectiveness of the client as individual.
History of the Main Symptoms
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...rlow (2008) assumed that the pharmacotherapy is necessary to insure the panic attack that might presence during the CBT process. Although, others study claimed that the onset when the client had agoraphobia is necessary to insure the effectiveness of the medicine (Hendriks, Keijsers, Kampman, Hoogduin, & Oude Voshaar, 2012). Furthermore, Barlow (2008) in his book explained that CBT as the effective remedy for psychosocial and environmental disorders.
As future counselors, a part of applying the successful method of CBT in dealing with agoraphobia client, the researcher find it is essential to make the client aware of concept self efficacy. As we know that people with excessive thought over something, the self will manage to fulfil it, therefore the thought of not afraid of being panic and able to overcome is fundamental to carry it trough (Maddux & Winstead, 2005).
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