Diabetes and Daycare Issues

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In our society, many parents need two incomes so that they can substantiate their lifestyle. This choice, to have both parents working, has impact on all family members. Parents have to make stressful decisions on day care providers, lifestyle choices, as well as deal with daily life pressures. Our society has become a group of people that want immediate satisfaction. This is evident in the rise of prepackaged food and fast food restaurants. Although these foods provide convenience and alternatives for parents, it may also provide our children improper nutrition. Research has supported that the best nutrition is found in fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains and protein. Many parents do not have the time, or money to provide the best nutrition for family members. Diabetes is “one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, where 13,000 new cases are diagnosed annually in children ages 4 – 7” (American Diabetes Association, 131). These statistics are a grave concern for parents, schools and day care providers. A growing number of young children are provided care through day care facilities. Parents are entrusting the day care facility to provide a safe, healthy and educational place for their children. The day care setting is responsible in providing health care for children with diabetes. Although this may be a challenge, many teacher guides are provided by both the Government ,and Diabetes Associations, to help day care providers. Another growing concern is that our young children are spending more time indoors, playing on computers for example, and they are not getting enough exercise. Both exercise and nutrition have a great impact on healthy living choices. Statistics Canada has provided research that obesity and diabetes is a growing health concern with our children. “Almost 40% of our population is overweight. Of these 28% are considered obese.” (Reader’s Digest, 252). This data is evidence that nutrition is a concern. The American Diabetes Association released that “diabetes is an emerging epidemic that affects 230million people worldwide, including more children and teen that ever before.” (Brill, 99) Maintaining healthy weight, eating nutritiously and exercising on a regular basis are possible ways to reduce and prevent diabetes. A rising concern with dietary choices for young children is carbohydrates.
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