Diabetes Is 7th-Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

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In United States, among the top ten disease which cause the most death, diabetes took the seventh lead in 2007 based on the US death certificate (CDC, 2011). Measures are usually taken to minimize the blood sugar level in the human body through insulin injection and more. In the early stage of diabetes, insulin injection is used more frequently in order to reduce the blood sugar level in the body as insulin is produced in small amounts because of the disease. Some people are unaware that they themselves have diabetes until they went for diagnosis. Therefore, further researches have been done in order to find the solution of treating this chronic disease. Although there are such options available for treatment, other alternatives which are more cost effective and beneficial also cannot be ignored. The essay will be mainly about the pathophysiology of diabetes and also how insulin injection treat or minimize diabetes.

Before going deeper into effects of diabetes in the human body, the definition of diabetes will be discussed briefly. Diabetes is a disease known by most of the people which occurs when the blood sugar level is exceptionally high compared to normal level. The essay will focus more on diabetes type 1 by which the production of insulin in the pancreas is inhibited because the β-cells in the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system (Dr Ananya Mandal). The unusually high blood sugar level can cause adverse effects on the human body. The kidney eventually will be damaged by the high concentration of glucose in the blood. This is a result of the extra work for the glomerulus to filter the high sugar level in the blood, causing the glomerulus to become leaky (American Diabetes Association, 2013). Diabetes also cause...

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... the conversion of glucose 1-phosphate by the enzyme glycogen synthase. Through all of these processes, the glucose level in the blood will eventually dropped and thus minimize diabetes

The solution to find the cure for diabetes until now still remained as a mystery, waiting to be solved and found. The autoimmune system poses a lot of questions to most researchers as the reasons for that to happen remain unknown. Although there are a few hypothesis are made, but there are not enough understanding to prove those hypothesis. (Dr Ananya Mandal) Through doing the essay, a few findings that are quite important are:
• Diabetes will not only damage kidney but also other organs
• There are alternatives other than insulin to minimize diabetes

As time goes by, with the help of technology and new knowledge obtained from researches, hopefully a cure for diabetes can be found.

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