Diabetes : Diabetes And Diabetes

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Did you know that in 2012, 29.1 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes? About 1.25 million children and adults were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. (American Diabetes Association, 2015) More and more Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes, and it’s more common now than ever before. But, what is really scary is the “myths” about diabetes that is creating an image that have false information and contain stereotypes. “If you eat too much sugar, you get diabetes,” “If you are a diabetic, you cannot have sweets,” “You can catch diabetes from somebody,” and “Fruit is healthy, eat as much as you want! (American Diabetes Association, 2015) While these myths may be false, this is what most Americans believe.
What is diabetes? Diabetes is metabolic disease, that if not taken care of it can be a serious illness. Diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus, it affects how your body relegates blood glucose (also called blood sugar) in the body. Glucose is a main energy source for your body. When you have diabetes, your body is unable to get rid of the glucose using insulin. Insulin is a hormone in the body made by the pancreas. Insulin turns the carbohydrates from food into sugar (or glucose) and can be used as energy or store for another time. In a nondiabetic, the pancreas regulates the insulin in the body. After eating a meal, blood glucose will rise, and beta cells from the pancreas will release the insulin into the bloodstream. Allowing the insulin to absorbed the sugar from the bloodstream. In a diabetic person, the beta cells from the pancreas are either destroyed or damage and is unable to get rid of the sugar, causing to have high glucose also called hyperglycemia. There is so low blood sugar, called hypogly...

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...ou cannot catch diabetes from a friend. It’s not a contagious disease. It has to do with genetics, and your own personal health. There are so many myths out there on diabetes, a lot of people don’t know the truth.
There are a lot of support groups out there to talk too about diabetes. A lot of people don’t have a good support system and it makes it hard to live with diabetes. Diabetes can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If being diagnosed at an early age, you have to think about the compilations you could experience later in life if diabetes is not taken care of now. The things that you do now, will help later.
In conclusion, I hope my paper gives at least one person more information about diabetes and not the myths. Diabetes is a very challenging disease, that if not taken care of it can be life-threatening. The best thing a person can do if diagnosed