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Diabetes (794 words) Diabetes Mellitus is a debilitating disease that basically sucks the energy out of a person. This is caused by the failure of a person pancreas’s to produce valuable hormone called insulin. This failure in part causes a persons blood sugar level to be unbalanced, causing reduction in energy and maybe even nerve damage. In addition to this, diabetes can also be a major cause of adult blindness, the losing of maybe a foot or a finger, kidney failure, and a whole plethora of adverse effects to a person. Insulin is the one hormone that distributes the sugar energy to the other cells of the body. Diabetes is a chronic illness meaning that it will last a lifetime. There is currently no cure for Diabetes. Let us go into what causes diabetes, how it can be prevented and the types of treatments we have for it. In the United States alone there are approximately 15 million people that have been diagnosed with diabetes and about 12 million people that have it and they just don’t know it. Diabetes is the third leading cause of death, just behind heart disease and cancer. There are two types of diabetes, type I and Type II. Just generally speaking, Type I is when a person doesn’t produce enough insulin in his body and Type II is when the pancreas totally stop producing this hormone at all. Doctors do not really know how or what causes diabetes. Many doctors however have agreed that drinkers and smokers have...

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