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The teacher plays a crucial role in education because they are the initiator, facilitator, and assessor. In a traditional sense a teacher is the alpha and beta of education, however, with new ways of thinking brought upon by different philosophers like Dewey and Freire, the beta of education lies in the hands of the student. Instead of education being based upon the teacher, there is shift in the process of education and a different understanding of how true learning takes place. The teacher acts more like a guide than a very strict dictator-type figure. Both Dewey and Freire explain just how important the teacher is in education and how they can guide students in a genuine and effective way. They both use different pedagogies and styles of …show more content…

He expresses this concept in his ideas of pragmatic education in which he explains that the student 's interests should be at the base of learning. This is also mirrored in his call to progressive education in which he writes about how teachers need to teach students how to think for themselves instead of just uploading information into their heads. Dewey views students as little explorers that need hands on activities to truly grasp ideas and learn. He expands his classroom outside of the confines of just the school by suggesting community learning. This is where students can use happenings in the community for their learning. This builds a stronger sense of community and provides skills for students that they can apply to the world. These concepts started by Dewey were built upon and further expanded by …show more content…

I think community learning is a very essential part of learning that allows for integration of learning skills that are crucial for living in our world as well as studying traditional subjects. This type of learning motivates students by teaching them through real world examples and makes it relevant and tangible. I also love Dewey 's concepts of hands on learning and wish there was more time in the modern curriculum in schools to allow this type of learning to take place. Hands on learning truly allows for students to fully grasp otherwise abstract concepts and apply it to life. Community learning and hands on education with a combination of Freire 's critical pedagogy, dialogical pedagogy, and problem posing model is a great experience of many different types of learning and further pushes the envelope of understanding. I think the combination all these great concepts and ways of teaching and learning can really empower a student to study and seek genuine knowledge. Sometimes in the modern schools there is a disconnect of seeking out this knowledge from a genuine interest, however, I believe that if mix and combine all the good aspects of these great philosophers that we can have a truly revolutionary classroom that promotes genuine

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the teacher plays a crucial role in education because they are the initiator, facilitator, and assessor.
  • Analyzes how dewey viewed the teacher as a guide to students and placed much of the learning process on the student. he expresses this concept in his ideas of pragmatic education.
  • Analyzes how freire explains how teachers allow for democratic teaching which appreciates and encourages the students' voice and value.
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