Devise Products Unlimited Case Study

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Martin Thomas, CEO of Devise Products Unlimited has an ethical dilemma happening at his company, and he needs to determine what the best solution would be. Currently Devise Products Unlimited outsources some of the parts manufacturing business to a company located in a Third World country. The company he uses to outsource this work requires laborers to work ten hours a day, seven days a week. The laborers are paid minimal wage, however they rely on these small wages to support their families. Without these jobs, the laborers would be homeless and would not be able to provide food for their families. In addition the outsourcing company is the only large employer is that area of the country. If Martin Thomas were to cancel his contract with the company, many people would lose their jobs. Ethically Martin Thomas should be concerned about the working environment of the employees that make his parts, he also needs to be concerned that the employees could possibly lose their only source of income.
Article #1:A Model for Ethical Decision Making in Business: Reasoning, Intuition, and Rational Moral Principles. Authored by: Jaana Woiceshyn. The article by Jaana Woiceshyn is a theory or hypothesis about the basis behind ethical decision making. Some great points by the author are:
1. Decisions
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Ethical decisions are made by looking at issues with a rational process, this happens when people think through the moral predicaments by analyzing moral principles or other criteria (Woiceshyn, 2011). An additional type of rational reasoning is based on “moral intensity”: people respond to ethical concerns based on what the outcome or consequences may be, the general thought about the good or the bad results of the action, and the possible effect on those who may be harmed or those who may benefit from the decision (Woiceshyn,
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