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Deviance. When we hear the word deviance the first thing that comes to mind is doing something that you probably shouldn’t be doing, something bad, illegal. We find deviance everywhere we go and see it in many varieties through several different perspectives. Looking back a couple decades back deviance in “good” neighborhoods also known as the suburbs, deviance, if there was considered any, would be considered maybe getting a bad grade in school or not doing your chores when you are told. On the other hand, we look at the opposite end and see “bad” neighborhoods such as underprivileged homes and what was seen is deviance that included criminal acts such as stealing, drug dealing, and violence. Back then neighborhoods had set norms made by society and each had a destined future, it was either good or bad. Kids who grew up in good neighborhoods were the ones who would have successful careers and a bright future while the children in bad neighborhoods were looked at as kids who did nothing with their lives and didn’t get anywhere in life. We fast forward to today’s society and we may see people who still see the same good verses bad neighborhoods and stereotyping the people in it, but society as a whole has risen from it. There are several people coming from not so good neighborhoods and becoming doctors and lawyers. They’ve have proven that you can’t judge a person based on where they live, but to understand that anyone can achieve their goals and be successful. A study has shown that children who thrive and have an efficacious improvement have an overall eleven percent difference in good verses bad neighborhood with the percentages both being above fifty percent with good neighborhoods being at sixty-three percent and bad neighbo... ... middle of paper ... ...g society that anyone can achieve a goal as long as you work hard for it. Saying all bad people only come from bad neighborhoods is a contradiction and old fashioned norm that is no longer existent. To critique someone based on the place where they grew up is irrelevant to who that person really is and represents. Who says an A+ student that is on honor roll, volunteers for charity, and plays sports comes only from good neighborhoods? Society has grown from these stereotypes from the past couple decades and has come together to realize that normal person who has a career may it be a doctor or a teacher that lives in an apartment or house and is single or married with two kids could of much came from a bad neighborhood as a good neighborhood. We are all equal and it is up to us who decides how we want to shape ourselves into the person we want to become in life.

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