Developmental Psychology Essay

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Developmental Psychology
The broad definition of Developmental Psychology is the “study of human growth and development that occurs throughout the entire lifespan.” Under development psychology includes physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality, and emotional growth. Understanding human development is not only important to psychology but according to biology, anthropology, sociology, education, and history also study the human development and it is quite very important. It helps us have much more in-debt understanding towards the changes people go through and how they grow in general which then help us apply it to our overall knowledge to really understand our full strength.
Developmental Psychologist performs different tasks according to their specialty area in which they practice. Some psychologist’s focuses on working with specific age groups such as adolescence while some of them would work rather with a type of population. Their task varies but working with children may include carrying out necessary evaluations to determine if they have any type of disabilities, doing research on how language skills are obtained, observing how ethical reasoning cultivates in young children, and surveying different ways to help older individuals stay self-regulating etc. They also work at schools and universities; some teaches the course while some also work with the government agencies to help treat people with developmental disabilities. According to the average earning of a developmental psychologist is between $69,007 and $90,326 a year for 2009. The highest ten percent of earners made more than $101,088 per year. Also, in other to be a developmental psychologist, one has to...

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...theory depicts the influence of social occurrence through the whole lifetime. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud projected the theory of psychosexual development, which describes how people’s personality progresses during childhood. Even though this theory is very well introduced in psychology, it is also one of the most debated theories. Freud trusted that our personality matures through a chain of childhood stages in which the self-satisfaction energies of the id become focused on certain erogenous areas.
Developmental psychology is a major topic of interest in both psychology and education. It is very important that it should be addressed thoroughly in high school classes in other words giving the young mind the opportunity to fully understand how the human mind and personalities works which will make communicating, adapting, and developing in our environment easier.
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