Developmental Coordination Disorder And Hockey What Is DCD?

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Developmental Coordination Disorder and Hockey What is DCD? Developmental coordination disorder describes a numerous issues that incapacitate a child from fully acquiring the ability to perform movements that require some degree of skill. Those who have this disorder experience many challenges in carrying out or participating in daily activities. For the case of Kieran, he depicts the signs of DCD that has majorly affected his fine-motor ability chronically and gross-motor ability only mildly. An affected person like Kieran will be affected not just physically by lacking coordination, but emotionally and mentally. They may be very temperamental or lack endurance when carrying out tasks. Experts postulate that DCD people will have a lot of dependence on sight in order to respond to prompts. They easily loose themselves unless prompted by sight. The Dynamic systems theory is one conceptual framework through which this paper views motor development as being a subject of the person, the characteristics of the sport (Hockey) and the environment. This will be discussed in light of Kieran’s case study to portray the modifications that can be done to held a DCD person acquire some motor skills in a physical education lesson. Issues with learning Hockey due to DCD Hockey is one of the games that utilize much of fine motor skills (using hands). From the mere fact that you have to hold the stick, and use it to move the ball, give direction twist and turn raises many problems that need consideration when training a pupil with DCD. First is the child’s dependence on sight in order to respond to signals. This means that the child so easily forgets what they are doing as long as there is in nothing such as the cock within sight. ... ... middle of paper ... ...environment will have on influencing acquisition of the skills. This environment comprises of the teacher, teammates and characteristics of the game. However, Kieran’s disorder takes a heavy toll on him. He has problems repeating what the an instructor shows to the others due to poor eye-motor coordination, and his movement is unregulated due to a lack of coordination (Luenbereger 1979). This will undermine the efforts to get him learn the skills required in the game. Further, the game is based on fine motor skills which are harder to develop or acquire. Following the Dynamic Systems Theory, it would be difficult for Kieran to acquire the skills since the sub-systems are not in harmony. Teaching the skills In teaching these skills, I would plan my lesson such that they are broken down into smaller parts and ensuring that the parts are as meaningful ...

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